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I’ve been helping people who want to learn Spanish with my online Spanish courses for many years. I have taught Spanish courses in recognized schools in Spain and I have been teaching online Spanish classes on Skype and virtual classrooms for more than three years. I’ve created a motivating method to learn Spanish in a minimum time.



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Do you want to learn to speak Spanish? Choose one of my online Spanish courses on Skype or virtual classroom and start to speak Spanish for the very first moment

Spanish classes on Skype

In the Spanish classes on Skype you can choose between Conversation Spanish classes, DELE exam preparation classes or General Spanish classes   . This is an intensive course that lasts 8 or 12 weeks. There are classes on the best Schedule for you. This Spanish classes online are personalized and one to one.

Spanish classes for professionals

 If you need to learn how to speak Spanish because of your job, I suggest you Spanish for business classes, Spanish for tourism, medical Spanish classes and legal Spanish classes. Courses last 8 or 12 weeks and lessons are on the best schedule for you: personalized and one to one classes.

Spanish classes  for Companies

 If you are a Company and you need your employees to learn to speak and communicate in Spanish I offer apersonalized curriculum base on the necessity of your company. One to one and group Spanish classes. I offer to your company face-to-face training in your work place with an intensive Spanish course.

Tailor-made Spanish classes

If you wish to have a Spanish course completely designed for you, contact me and tell me what you need, what your subjects of interest are, what you want to learn, what your goals are, why you want to learnSpanish and your availability. This way we can design the perfect course for you. Keep in mind that classes will be one to one on Skype.


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Cómo enseñar español a extranjeros

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