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Are you tired of having headaches everyday in your job because you can’t speak Spanish?

Can’t you communicate with native Spanish speakers because your Spanish level isn’t the right one?

Mi name is Sara and I can help you

I’ve been helping people who want to learn Spanish with my online Spanish courses for many years. On my blog, you will find resources and contents to improve your Spanish and with my private trainings you will be able to practice and learn in a real way everything you need to know to make progress your professional life.

Take a look at my private trainings website or write me and tell me what you need.

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Do you need to learn Spanish to advance in your career?

Choose one of my private Spanish trainings and I will help you to communicate with native Spanish speakers in an effective way

Medical Spanish

Private Spanish course only for healthcare professionals who need to improve or learn Spanish to communicate with their patients. Practical and personal training with one to one lessons in order to achive a successful communication with native Spanish speakers patients in an effective way.

Business Spanish

Private Spanish course for professionals and companies who want to learn Spanish to communicate with clients, to help grow their business or improve their labor situation. This is a 100% practical training with tailor made spanish lessons to get to communicate in Spanish in the business world.


 Conversational Spanish

Private conversational Spanish course for Spanish language lovers who need to improve their speaking to communicate with native Spanish speakers. Practical training with one to one lessons focused on oral interaction and expression. It includes grammatical and vocabulary counseling.

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Spanish personality adjectives

Spanish personality adjectives [with list and real examples]

When we want to describe a person’s personality, saying how he/she is, his/her character, certain adjectives are used which give […]

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los saludos en español

Cómo usar los saludos en español [con ejemplos prácticos]

Saber cómo saludar en español es una de las cosas más importantes si queremos mantener conversaciones. Es la primera impresión […]

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organs in spanish

Organs in Spanish: terms, pronunciation and diseases

How could knowing the organs in Spanish help you? If you are dealing with Spanish-speaking patients you’ll find yourself more […]

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parts of the body in spanish

Parts of the body in Spanish: terms and pronunciation

When we are talking with our patient about what’s wrong with him, it’s essential to know the vocabulary of the […]

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¿Eres profesor de español y buscas recursos para tus clases?

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alternativas a skype para clases online

4 alternativas a Skype para clases online

En el artículo de hoy quiero ofrecerte cuatro alternativas a Skype para clases online. Aunque Skype es el software de […]

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unidad didáctica para la conversación

Unidad didáctica para la conversación [nivel intermedio]

Parece que últimamente la educación está de moda. Todo el mundo habla de la educación y de cómo mejorarla y […]

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material para clases de español online

¿Cuál es el mejor material para clases de español online?

El primer obstáculo con el que nos encontramos los profesores online cuando empezamos a trabajar en el mundo online es […]

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programar una clase online

Los 7 pasos imprescindibles para programar una clase online

Aunque todavía haya una creencia generalizada de que enseñar online es la parte “low cost” de la enseñanza presencial, la […]

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