10 exercises to learn Spanish

If you are looking for exercises to learn Spanish, I suggest 10 exercises that will help you to learn vocabulary, verbs forms, listening, reading, etc. I’m going to try to suggest exercises that are not very boring but effective to learn to communicate in Spanish. I have created one exercise to learn Spanish from each of the exercises I’ve written on this post and you can download them for free. Shall we start?

Exercises to learn Spanish: fill in the gaps

One of the most common exercises when we learn a language is “fill in the gaps”. This type of exercise is effective to memorize forms, especially verbs forms. I suggest two categories of this type of exercise to learn Spanish:

Fill in the gaps with the word in brackets

This is the best exercise to check if you know the verb tenses or if on the contrary, you need to review them. This category of exercise can be done with a verb tense, with some verb tenses or with all the verb tenses if you have a higher level of Spanish. I have created an exercise of this category for the present tense.

Fill in the gaps with a word in the box

This exercise to learn Spanish is a bit more complicated because you need to choose the correct word for each sentence. There are many versions of this exercise but I suggest one exercise where the verbs in the box are already conjugated and you only need to read and to think what the correct word for each sentence is.

True or false

This category is used for reading and listening exercises. Depending on the level, these exercises are easier or more difficult but they are very effective to delve into language details. I have created two exercises of this category in PDF because I think these exercises are among the 10 best exercises to learn Spanish.

True or false: Reading

In this exercise you need to read a text and after I write some sentences about the text, you need to mark with an X if these are true of false.

True or false: Listening

This exercise to learn Spanish is very similar to the previous one. You need to listen to a real audio in Spanish and mark with an X if the sentences are true or false. You can usually listen to the audio two or three times. Do you dare to do it? 😀

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Choose the correct answer

In this exercise, some options are given and you have to choose which option is correct. There are also many versions of this category, for example there are exercises to choose between two, three or four options and only one is the correct answer. I have also created one exercise to learn Spanish in this category for free which you can download at the end of this post.

Spanish as a second language exercise: match the columns

This is an exercise frequently used to learn vocabulary. Why do we use this exercise if it is one of the most difficult ones? Because with this type of exercise to learn Spanish you improve your Spanish vocabulary and if, in addition, you use my vocabulary template, you’ll learn lots of new words in a short period of time. ;D

Put the sentences in the correct order

This exercise is very effective to learn Spanish syntax being this exercise the first one to learn to write in Spanish. I have also created one exercise of this category for you. It can be done very easily because all parts of the sentence are given but in a disorganized way. You just need to find the correct order so that the sentence has sense.

Exercise to learn Spanish: write a story

This is one of my favorite exercises because you need to be creative to put into practice all you have learned of Spanish, including all you have learned with the previous exercises. The number of words to use in your story will depend on your level of Spanish. This is a super effective exercise if you’re looking to improve your writing in Spanish.

Exercise: Look for, create and explain

I love this exercise to learn Spanish. Why? Because it combines several things:

  • Looking for information in Spanish.
  • Reading since you need to read information you’ve previously looked for.
  • Writing, you need to write the information you have read in the text.
  • Spanish oral presentation! In this part of the exercise you need to explain with your own words in Spanish everything you have learned with the information.


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