Find your best way to learn spanish

When we learn Spanish or any other language we would like to know which it’s the best way to learn Spanish to follow that path and not make a mistake.

We want to learn as quick as possible and that way start to communicate.

In this post, I would like to help you find the perfect path for you.

The path that will lead you to learn Spanish in the best way possible and with the best results.

How to find the best way to learn Spanish?

We have to start saying that when we learn a living language is to speak it. It’s what happens when we learn Spanish.

We learn Spanish to communicate with other people in different situations. So the first step is to become aware that our learning must be focused on an effective communication with other people in Spanish.

Focusing only on grammar is not the best way to learn Spanish, although this must not be forgotten either.

Keep in mind that grammar is a key element in communication. Why? 

Because it’s the one that allows you to form sentences and phrases that make sense. Grammar make possible we can understand each other when we communicate.

Without a doubt, the most effective way to learn Spanish is to know the reason that drives you to learn the language.

The reason why you are learning Spanish will be the compass that leads your path.

Your reason show you the steps you must follow to achieve what you want. So never lose sight of it 😉

Once you are sure about the reason why you are learning Spanish it will be time to take action and put matter into practice.

If the reason is the compass that leads your path, practice is the strength that makes you move forward. But, what do you need to practice and make progress with your Spanish? Dedication.

If you really want to learn Spanish and be able to communicate in this language, you have to devote time to it.

Sadly, you cannot learn Spanish as if by magic. Manage your time and look for the best moment on your calendar to practice and use Spanish in a real way.

In addition to this, you are going to need persistence. A language cannot be learned in a day. It can be learned quickly but you will need time to absorb everything you learn and give yourself time to use it in the right way when communicating.

The last step to find the best way to learn Spanish is motivation. When we spend so much time learning a language, we sometimes don’t feel motivated anymore and have some ups and downs, wanting to give up and to not learn anymore.

That is why it’s important you also learn with things you like and that keep you motivated.


Best way to learn Spanish

Below I talk about every each one of these steps in more detail and how to deal with them.

Why is it so important to define my learning motives?

At this point, I have to be completely honest with you:

Mark your reason, know why and what you need to learn Spanish for because this will make the difference.

This is just what will make you find the best way to learn Spanish. Additionally, with very good results because you will realize your own progress and that you are achieving what you wanted.

In short, you will set a goal to achieve and fight for it.

I know all of this is very abstract so I’m going to show you some practical examples. You can see how a real situation works.

 Kate is a girl who needs to learn Spanish because she needs to travel to a Spanish speaking country within a few months.

 Jorge is a guy who needs to learn Spanish because in his company he gets lots of emails from clients in Spanish and he has to learn so he can understand them and answer his clients in their mother tongue.

Will the best way to learn Spanish be the same one for Kate as for Jorge? It is quite clear that both need to learn with a communicative approach given that both of them are going to need to interact with native Spanish speakers. However, Kate will need to focus on oral expression and interaction focusing on the culture and regular daily Spanish while Jorge will need to focus all his efforts on written expression and interaction and knowing how to communicate in a formal way.

As you can see, every motive driving you to learn Spanish defines how you have to learn it. This way, it also defines the contents you must learn to achieve your goal.

Practice to make progress

There is no pint of having a well-defined goal if you don’t get on with it and start practicing Spanish.

When I say “practice” I mean interacting with other persons in Spanish, having real conversations to make use of the language in a real way.

Now you might be asking yourself how you can practice Spanish. Well, you have a few options and the ideal thing is to combine every one of them to get the best result.

I know sometimes it’s difficult so you can start with one of them and keep adding more later on 😊

6 ways to practice Spanish

Talking to yourself will help you improve your confidence

One of the best ways that helped me gain more confidence to speak was talking to myself. Sara, have you gone crazy? Haha, no. I haven’t gone crazy, believe me when I say that it’s a super effective technique.

There is no need to stand in front of the mirror if you don’t want to. Just speak as if you were doing it in your mother tongue but making use of Spanish.

Choose a topic or just say whichever thing comes to your mind first.

How is this way going to help you? Firstly, it’s going to help you realize you are capable of pronouncing more than one word in Spanish.

Plus, it helps you increase your vocabulary and to know which part of the language you need to improve more.

Here’s an example of how this technique can help you have more fluency and confidence when you speak in Spanish:

 Imagine you are in the kitchen deliberating what to eat:
What ingredients you have, what you would like to eat, etc.
What do you do in this situation to practice Spanish? Easy. Everything you think that comes to your mind say it out loud using Spanish.
“Me apetece una pizza, pero no tengo queso así que mejor me hago un bocadillo”. “Fff, pero es que un bocadillo no me apetece. Creo que mejor llamo a la pizzería para que me traigan mi pizza preferida”
EN: “I feel like baking pizza but I don’t have cheese so I will make myself a sandwich”. “Phh, but I am not craving a sandwich. I think calling the pizza shop will be the best option so they can deliver my favorite pizza”

Don’t tell me now that you have never found yourself in this situation. I have, many times. But own experiences aside, if in this domestic and personal situation you start introducing Spanish, you will be making a good inner linguistic immersion  that allows you to make progress and realize what you need to learn more.

Imagine you wanted to say the previous sentence in Spanish but you don’t know how to say “ingrediente” or “que me traigan”.

In that moment, you look for the word in the dictionary and it would be a great idea if you wrote it down to start making your own vocabulary list.

In the second case, you’ll start searching on the Internet and come across that you need the subjunctive (subjuntivo) to say it in Spanish. Here you will realize the subjunctive is something you have to practice more often. If this sentence has the subjunctive, a very similar one will too.

With this technique you will learn grammar in a more natural way and how to use it in real contexts. Use it because I think it’s one of the best ways to learn Spanish.

Look for a real person to practice with

The ideal thing it’s a native person. But there also students with high levels with whom you can do real practices. And what’s more, they won’t ask you for a language exchange so you will be able to spend 100% of your time speaking in Spanish.

Organize oral expression sessions and record them

When you don’t have time or you just don’t want to take a Spanish practice course or look for other people to practice the language, you can organize sessions to do oral expressions practices.

These oral expression sessions work the following way:

  1. You choose a topic to talk about
  2. Prepare the presentation you’re going to do in Spanish
  3. And record it.

Be careful because it’s not about writing first the oral expression and then reading it for the recording. No, that doesn’t work.

It’s about organizing what you are going to say, what you are going to talk about and which arguments you’re going to use. So you can start a guided monologue to practice the oral expression in Spanish.

As everything you say it’s recorded, you will be able to listen to it as many times as you want.  And you can pay attention to the mistakes and right answers when you speak Spanish.

It’s a good way to learn Spanish because if you do it constantly you can see for yourself how you are getting better at it.

Enroll in a practice course

If what you need is a guide of what you have to learn and how to learn it, one of the best ways is to enroll in a practice course.

It can teach you a bit of theory and complement it with a lot of practice.

This, without a doubt, it’s one of the best ways to learn Spanish because it teaches you every step you must follow to learn Spanish. And besides, it offers you real practices with which putting into practice everything you learned.

Taking private lessons is the best way to learn Spanish

Talking from experience as a language student and as a Spanish tutor I have to admit that the best way to learn a language is with private lessons.

All the sessions are personalized and are adapted to you.

The progress of my students in my private online Spanish lessons show me that it wasn’t just me who achieved fluency in a foreign language. But they also did when they took one to one Spanish classes and they dedicated it time and motivation.

If you are thinking of taking 1-1 classes, you can take a look at my programs to learn one to one Spanish online.

the best way to learn spanish- practice spanish

Time is an essential element

The harsh truth is that if you don’t spend time getting to know the language and practicing it, all this I’m telling you will be of no help.

There is really no magic formula for learning Spanish or a best way to learn Spanish if you don’t spend time on it.

You have be organized. So you can decide what days and time you want to dedicate to learn Spanish and implicate yourself with it to see real results.

It is clear that if you are in a hurry, for whatever reason, to learn Spanish, you will have to dedicate more hours a day or week to see short-term results.

But if you are one of those who are very busy and don’t have any time to take a rest, make space on your calendar then and save it just to learn Spanish.

[thrive_2step id=’7284′]Download these templates[/thrive_2step] to be organized and see when and how you are going to learn Spanish.

Motivation to not give up

There are times in which you ask yourself, but why the hell would I have decided to learn this language?

Why on earth am I learning Spanish? It’s a feeling all of us get sometimes.

This is because of lack of motivation.

When we learn we find ourselves with problems we don’t know how to solve or that are difficult to solve and we get mad, discouraging ourselves and we end up giving up. “This is too difficult for me, I give up”.

Take it easy. It’s normal and everyone has been through that. The best thing you can do in these cases is to do activities you like in the language you are learning.

Let me go back to practical examples again.

 Lory is someone who loves to dance. She wants to learn salsa so as Lory wants to learn this Latin dance and also learn Spanish.
She has decided to learn salsa with Youtube with a Cuban instructor who speaks Spanish.What is Lory going to achieve? Two things: to learn the dance she likes and to improve her oral comprehension in Spanish while she dances.
Dany is a basketball lover. He’s a nurse and has little free time to enjoy his hobbies. He wants to learn Spanish but doesn’t have much free time available.
He has signed up to private lessons to improve his level as soon as possible. And moreover he follows Spanish speaking basketball teams. Also, he reads everything related to them on Spanish speaking newspapers.

I will finish here telling you what you can do to find the best way to learn Spanish. As you are already aware, I love to know what you think. So feel free to leave me your comment 😉