Free Medical Spanish eBook to communicate with your patients

If you are looking for a medical Spanish book to learn medical Spanish, I suggest this free medical Spanish ebook that I have created to show you how to communicate with your patients.

Everything I share in this book is contextualized as a patient visit to a family doctor’s office.

This medical Spanish ebook has 7 chapters and in them I try to give you very practical information that will help you during communication.

Free Medical Spanish ebook chapters

The medical Spanish book is composed of the following chapters and what you will learn on each one of them.

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Chapter 1: How to greet your patient

In this first chapter you will learn how to greet your patient.

What greetings in Spanish you should use and what to say to create a good doctor-patient relationship.

You will find some practical examples so you can see it more clearly.

Download ebook here for free

Chapter 2: Asking your patient

In this part I share some very useful sentences that you can use with your patient. Some of them will be useful for:

  • Starting to talk with your patients about the reason of their visit
  • Asking your patients about their pain
  • Asking if they are taking any medication or have any disease

Chapter 3: Listening to your patient

In this section of the medical Spanish ebook, I want to give you the contents you need to understand your patients’ answers.

Mainly, you will see in detail the main verbs your patients use to describe pain (with its conjugation) and body parts.

Chapter 4: Physical Examination Stage

This is without a doubt one of the most useful chapters because the most important sentences you can use in the physical examination stage are shared.

Here below you can see some of the sentences that you will find.

medical spanish book

Chapter 5: How to order medical tests

One of the most important moments is when we must communicate our patient what type of test they have to take in order to provide a diagnosis.

In this chapter of the medical Spanish ebook I share 5 ways of saying it as well as how to say in Spanish 4 of the most common tests:

  • El análisis de sangre (Blood test)
  • El análisis de orina (Urinalysis)
  • La ecografía (Sonography)
  • La mamografía (Mammogram)

To increase your confidence when communicating in Spanish, I also share which are the questions your patients may ask you related to the medical test.

But this is not all. I also suggest how to answer these questions in different ways ?

Chapter 6: Giving instructions to your patient

In order to help you with this task, I suggest 3 different ways to say to your patient what they have to do.

Moreover, I give you 3 different examples with each one of these ways.

Here is a sneak peak of these three ways of giving instructions:

  • Usando el imperativo (Using the imperative)
  • Usando el verbo deber + infinitivo (Using the verb deber + infinitive)
  • Utilizando tener que + infinitivo (Using tener que + infinitive)

Chapter 7: Dialogs

It’s super important to me that you can see with examples how a conversation would be and how to use everything I tell you in the medical Spanish book.

Therefore, I have created two dialogs. This way you’ll be able to see in a more practical and real way how to use everything I share with you.

Download the medical Spanish ebook to communicate better with your patients in Spanish.

Download ebook here for free

I hope this medical Spanish ebook helps you to improve your communication with your patients.

I look forward to your comment 🙂