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    Spanish Language Coaching

So you have decided to learn Spanish with someone who will guide and help you to communicate in Spanish in real situations.

But you are really sure you don’t want to waste time learning some concepts that are not going to help you to communicate in the situations you truly need.

You want to learn Spanish to increase your fluency, confidence and assurance. You would like to communicate naturally with anyone in any context you live or are going to live every day.

Could you imagine yourself communicating naturally, confidently and fluently with coworkers, clients, in daily situations, with new friends and in traveling situations? That’s right. That’s what you are looking for.

It is likely that now you think it is ALMOST impossible to achieve this because


You barely can pronounce a word and let’s not talk about understanding what Spanish speakers say. It’s all Greek to you.


You speak Spanish poorly and have constant doubts in every word you pronounce. Your low self-confidence makes your Spanish to not be fluent.


You know a lot of theory and grammar but this doesn’t help you to have a real conversationIt seems like an impossible task!


You get frightened when you think about communicating in Spanish. You think you won’t be understood, someone will laugh at you accent, etc. Your lack of confidence stops you.


You are committed to learning Spanish. Your attitude is not the problem but your lack of time is.

Are you willing to let this stop you from communicating in Spanish to achieve your personal and professional goals?

Of course not.

When you learn Spanish, you learn it for the rest of your life and it could be the most powerful weapon you know. The Spanish language can help you to take your personal and professional life to the next level and achieve your goals.

But the results until now haven’t been what you expected. Lots of grammar and theory but little practice and, what’s worse, little progress in your Spanish fluency.


That is why I have created specific coaching programs that suit you and your situation. Programs made for you that combine flexibility and personalization so you can communicate with self-assurance, fluency and confidence in Spanish.

¡Hola! I’m Sara. Online Spanish Language Coach and I am here to help you to communicate in Spanish with the confidence and spontaneity you need in Spanish. I want to help you to communicate in Spanish in the situations you need so language is not an obstacle in your personal and professional life.

I have been helping people to communicate in Spanish for different reasons (traveling, business, work, etc.) to get rid of the language barrier and to be able to grow as a person and professional and achieve their goals since 2013.

I would like for you to be one of them and I am glad you are here because I know you are committed to learning Spanish.

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This is what you’ll achieve with the program I’ll design for you:

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 You’ll feel confident enough when you speak in Spanish to have a conversation in Spanish

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You’ll believe in yourself to be able to understand and answer native Spanish speakers when they talk to you

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You will speak and communicate fluently without having to always think what you have to say and how to say it

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You will get more confident and relaxed speaking Spanish to be able to communicate in your daily life situations

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You will be able to perform naturally in each of the situations you’ll find yourself in

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You will be exposed to the culture you need to communicate as a true Spanish speaker

Spanish Language Coaching Programms to communicate in Spanish

Happy Trip

Travel Spanish

Learn Spanish to communicate in trips and enjoy what really matters: the experience and yourself.

A program for people who are going to travel to a Spanish speaking country or who are already in the country and need to communicate fluently in daily life and traveling situations.

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I’m the boss

Spanish for business

Learn the second most spoken language in the world to gain opportunities in your career and grow your business.

A program for professionals that see the Spanish language as the way to grow in their professional life and need to learn Spanish to communicate fluently and naturally.

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Medical Spanish

Spanish for medical professionals

Learn Spanish to communicate with your patients and forget about language barriers.

A program for health professionals that helps you to communicate in Spanish with native Spanish speakers in any medical situation.

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So here below I sum up how we will learn Spanish together:

learn spanish online

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