Guide to know how to speak Spanish fast

If you would like to learn how to speak Spanish fast, you need to change your “I will do it tomorrow” mentality and change it for “I have to learn as much as possible today”. Why am I telling you this? Let me explain myself:

There are times when we want to learn a language overnight but the truth is that we have to spend time and a lot of practice (actually lots and lots of practice) to achieve communication.

So if you want to do it in no time you’re going to need a lot of hours of practice in a short period of time.

When I say ‘speak Spanish fast’ I don’t mean speaking a perfect Spanish but a Spanish everyone can understand you with. A Spanish that allows you to communicate with other people in a natural and fluent way (although there might be form mistakes).

To help you with this task, I’ve created a guide to know how to speak Spanish fast. This guide is divided into three parts which I consider essential to get to speak Spanish in a short time and fluently.

How to speak Spanish fast: The three steps

how to speak Spanish fast

Step one: Your goals

If you are looking how to speak Spanish fast, I guess it will be because you need to learn Spanish as soon as possible to communicate for some reason.

Knowing what motivates us to want to learn a language is the key to be able to draw the path to follow and achieve what we are looking for. That might sound like sheer nonsense but here’s a practical example so you can see it more clearly:

 July is a restaurant owner where many Spanish speakers go to. She has to speak Spanish often to make her costumers feel like home. So July decides to enroll in a Spanish course to improve her Spanish. July doesn’t tell her tutor why she’s learning Spanish nor why she needs it.

So after finishing the course July knows how to greet, how to talk about her family, how to talk about her hobbies and she can spell very well.

However, July doesn’t know how to ask her restaurant customers what they are going to order or the ingredients in Spanish and doesn’t even know how to handle a complaint in Spanish.

As you can see above, July has learned Spanish but as she didn’t have a goal set she hasn’t been able to learn what she really needed.

This is just what you have to avoid if you want to learn to speak Spanish fast.

First, decide why and what you need to learn Spanish fast for in order to take it to the next step: Planification.

Second step: Planification

Once our goal is clear, we have to draw the path we must follow to achieve it. In this step what I call small goals come into play.

These small goals are the ones that will guide you to know how to speak Spanish fast. Getting to know and achieve them will lead you to success quickly but ignoring them will make you spend more time than you would wish trying to speak Spanish.

I’m not trying to scare you, I promise you that, that’s why I will continue with the practical example from above about how to speak Spanish fast:

July wants to learn Spanish to communicate with her customers in the restaurant. This is her main goal. In order to achieve this, July will have to achieve some small goals first. These would be the following ones:

  • Greeting her customers politely
  • Asking them if they need the menu
  • Knowing how to say the menu’s dishes and ingredients
  • Understanding her costumers when they ask her a question about the place, dishes or payment method
  • Being able to handle embarrassing situations in Spanish such as a dissatisfied client because of the food, a dissatisfied client because of the service received, an angry client because of a bill or check mistake…

I could keep naming more small goals but what I want is for you to see how from a big goal there are lots of small goals we must achieve to reach the main one.

Can these small goals be achieved in a short period of time? Yes, but commitment from the person who learns the language is necessary.

This brings us to the next step: Commitment.

Commitment is the key to speak Spanish fast

Now that you know that the two pervious steps are going to help you speak Spanish faster, it’s time to get on with it and decide how much time you’re going to dedicate to practice and learn to speak Spanish.

Your commitment is a key factor because your effort and energy to achieve the goal you set is what really will make you get what you are looking for.

You are the only one who can decide the time you’re going to spend on the Spanish language. Keep in mind elements such as your free time or the urge to speak Spanish. And most importantly: BE REALISTIC.

Being realistic on the commitment step will lead you to success

Now that you know how to learn Spanish fast, you’re going to give up because of not meeting your expectations?

I have had students who wanted to know how to speak Spanish fast for different reasons and after making this planning, they always made a study commitment they couldn’t achieve.

What happened? They became frustrated and demotivated because they didn’t achieve what they wanted in the time proposed.

Imagine, July wants to achieve her main goal in a month and decides she’s going to spend 3 hours a day to practice and learn Spanish to speak Spanish fast.

The truth is that July works in the evening and at night. In the morning she has to take her children to school and tidy up her home so the time she has to learn Spanish is 3 hours a week.

Do you think July can achieve her main goal in a month with three hours a week? She will probably need a little bit of more time.

 Tip: If you don’t have much free time to dedicate it to learn to speak Spanish fast, the better option is to establish a short period of time according to the hours a day/week that you can dedicate to study Spanish.

You will avoid frustration and despair 😉


Here more things you can do to speak spanish fast.

Practices with real people

Practices with real people will be your best ally to get to speak Spanish in a short time.

Keep in mind that interaction and creation are essential steps of the foreign language learning so you can’t just rely on a book, app or videos.

Learning theory is important to have a basis that will allow you to create your own sentences without the need of repetition.

That’s why you have to train that theory so you can get in the habit of interacting and putting into practice everything you learn.

Many people ask themselves if it’s better to learn to speak Spanish fast with people who are not teachers or hire a tutor.

My experience tells me that you don’t have to choose, you can hire a teacher to give you the practical-theoretical support you need (resolving doubts, helping you to design a planning, guided practices to strengthen what you need…) and also look for natives or people with an advanced level of the language to practice more spontaneously.

How to speak Spanish fast: The role of the Spanish tutor

If you are really considering learning Spanish fast, the help of a tutor can be good to you. Why?

  • The tutor can help you define what small goals you need to achieve and in which order so you can achieve your main goal as soon as possible.
  • He or she will keep you grounded when you start with the joy of wanting to spend seven hours a day and you really don’t have time.
  • You will be able to have 100% real practices with a native speaker.
  • All of your doubts will be solved in the sessions with your tutor.
  • He/she will get you all the material you need to achieve what you want.
  • You will have a linguistic source of knowledge only for you during the hours you hire your tutor: Make the most of it.

Templates pack: “Organize yourself to learn Spanish fast”

As my mission is to make your life a little bit easier, I’ve designed some templates so you can organize on paper how your daily life will be like and how you’re going to achieve your goals.

In this pack you will find templates to sort out your ideas at each step of the process:

  • A template to define your general goal
  • Another one for the planning
  • Another to decide your commitment level
  • And the last one to decide how you’re going to achieve it.

[thrive_2step id=’7284′]Descarga las plantillas para organizarte y hablar español rápido aquí  [/thrive_2step]

I hope this how to speak Spanish fast guide has clarified your ideas a little bit and helps you to learn to speak Spanish faster. Leave me your comment! 😊