I want to learn Spanish: Where should I start?

Learning a language is not always a smooth process, but motivation, attitude and determination are essential to be able to reach our goal. If you have told yourself I want to learn Spanish, then think no more and get on with it.

It is possible than at this point the next question you may have is: “I want to learn Spanish but where should I start?”

Keep reading and find out the answer.

I want to learn Spanish: first decisions

Whether you are a beginner and don’t know absolutely anything of Spanish or you know a little bit, you have two options: learn Spanish with guidance or learn Spanish on your own.

I want to learn Spanish with guidance

If you have finally decided to learn Spanish with a teaching Spanish as a foreign language expert, we tell you what you have to keep in mind to choose the right person and school:

  • Your teacher must have a solid knowledge of teaching Spanish. Being native doesn’t mean knowing your language in depth and let alone teaching it.
  • Decide if you want to learn Spanish online or classroom learning. Before choosing an option, analyze pros and cons of both methods. The choice of one or another will depend on your goals and personal situation.
  • Choose a dynamic and motivating method which encourages you to keep learning Spanish. A boring and tiring method won’t help you learn Spanish but on the other hand, a method that makes you want to learn more Spanish will.


I want to learn Spanish on my own

If you have chosen to learn Spanish without a teacher’s guidance, we tell you what you should keep in mind to be successful on your adventure.

  • Choose between a free course (or pay one without a teacher) or a textbook (digital or in paper). There are a lot of free courses and courses without a teacher that you can choose from; some more effectives than others. Usually these kinds of courses are not the communication with the student type so it’s more difficult to start communicating since the very first day. If you choose a textbook, you should check it has the answer book.
  • Find a person to speak in Spanish. If you’ve learned a lot of grammar but don’t know how to use it to communicate, it is as if you hadn’t learned anything. You can practice oral communication using Skype and writing via email.
  • Use bilingual dictionaries if you have a low level and monolingual dictionaries if you have an upper-intermediate level.

Image: freepik.es

Image adapted to Carmen García