Learn to communicate in Spanish with your patients with private medical Spanish training

A personal course for healthcare professionals who need to learn to speak and communicate in Spanish to give to theirs patients the best assistance

How can this course help you?

Let me introduce you the live private training through my virtual classroom with which you will learn to speak medical Spanish to communicate with your native Spanish speaking patients. When you finish this training you will be able to:



Understand what your patients say in Spanish


Look after your patients in Spanish


Give to your native Spanish speaking patients instructions


Communicate with them in differents health situations

¡Hola, soy Sara! I’m a Spanish as a foreign language tutor specialized in Spanish for specific purposes. My job involves helping people to communicate in Spanish for work in the best possible way. That’s way I’ve created this medical Spanish training for healthcare professionals.

I will be your tutor in this private training in which I’m going to guide and offer you the best contents to get to communicate with your patients in the shortest possible time.

How can this course help you?

Real Practices

✓First session for free

✓Native Spanish speaker personal tutor

 ✓Online sessions through my virtual clasroom or Skype

Personalized lessons

✓ adapted to your goals

✓ one to one medical Spanish lessons

✓ designed to improve your communication skills in Spanish

✓ totally adapted to improve your Spanish level

Medical Spanish lessons adapted to your life

✓days and hours are chosen by you

✓flexibility to take the lessons

✓you can book your lessons online

Personal space in the virtual platform

✓materials created to achieve your goals

✓downloadable materials

✓Acces to your personal zone in the virtual platform


Practice to be able to communicate with your patients from day one.

Motivation to start changing once and for all your professional life speaking Spanish with your patients with my motivational method

Counseling to have the guidance to achieve the best results in your medical Spanish learning


Who is this private medical Spanish training for?

For doctors

For doctors who need to learn Spanish to communicate with their patients effectively without language barriers

For nurses

Nurses who need to improve their Spanish to provide their native Spanish speaking patients their best medical care

For professionals

Healthcare professionals who want to learn Spanish to communicate with Spanish speaking patients to give them the best service

For students

Medical students who want to be prepared for real situations and to have more professional possibilities


Aren’t you sure if this training is for you?

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Do you want to learn to communicate in Spanish with your patients and make your relationship with your native Spanish speaking patients easier and more effective?

Sing up now for the private medical Spanish training and learn to:

✓Communicate with your patients in Spanish

✓Understand your patients when they speak in Spanish

✓Assist your patients in Spanish

✓Handle a medical emergency in Spanish


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