Medical Spanish Language Coaching

Communicate fluently and confidently in medical situations in 10 months

A medical Spanish Language Programm for healthcare professionals who need to learn Spanish to grow professionaly and give the best assistance to their patients

This Medical Spanish Language Coaching help you to:


Understand what your patients say in Spanish


Look after your patients in Spanish


Give to your native Spanish speaking patients instructions


Communicate with them in differents health situations

You don’t need to be years and years studying Spanish, you need a practice method that help you to communicate in Spanish in medical situations from right now

That’s me, Sara. Online Spanish Language Coach, I’m a passionate about languages who is happy to help people like you to learn Spanish to communicate in the situations they need.

I won’t bore you telling you that I am a graduate in Translation with a Specialized Translation MA or that I have ELE (Spanish as a foreign language) specialized courses… I just want to tell you that I have been guiding large companies’ managers, diplomats, professionals and students for more than three years so that they can communicate in Spanish in situations they live every day.


How we are going to work to achieve your goals

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Start now and communicate with confidence and fluency in medical situations in 10 months

I want to become fluent in spanish in 10 months