The most useful medical Spanish phrases

Without a doubt, there are certain medical Spanish phrases we repeat a few times a day.

Knowing what these phrases are and how to pronounce them correctly can help you to improve your self-confidence and your Spanish to communicate.

It’s just what you are going to find in this post.

Here’s what you need to know about medical Spanish phrases and start practicing to talk with your patients in medical situations straight away.

Video to learn medical Spanish phrases

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Useful phrases in different medical situations

I would like you to get the most out of this post to use medical Spanish phrases in real medical situations.

That’s why, I’ve divided them into different common medical situations.

Take a look:

Medical Spanish phrases to ask personal and medical information

Below I show you what phrases you can use to ask personal and medical information to your patient.

[Remember: Watch video lesson to listen and practice medical Spanish pronunciation]

medical spanish phrases

Phrases during physical examination stage [nurse]

These medical Spanish phrases are especially useful for nurses.

You will be able to use them while weighing the patient, checking blood pressure and taking his/her temperature.

medical spanish phrases
Talking about symtoms

When we talk and ask about the symptoms with our patient, phrases are usually the same ones.

That is why we can have a list to memorize them easily in Spanish.

But the patient’s answers might change. In spite of this, I have tried to do an useful medical Spanish phrases and questions list to talk about symptoms with patients.

Medical Spanish questions to ask about symptoms

medical spanish phrases

Patient’s phrases to talk about the symptoms

medical spanish

Useful phrases to talk about medicines

Remember that the brand names for active ingredients are different in each country, that’s why I’ve used general terms like “pastilla” or “jarabe”.

learn medical spanish

Phrases for when the patient is in hospital

These medical Spanish phrases are really useful for when the patient is admitted to hospital.

They are going to be really useful to give instructions.

medical spanish class

Now you just have to practice in real situations 🙂

Would you like to ask me a question about medical Spanish or medical Spanish phrases? Leave your comment below 😉