Medical Spanish Course

Online language immersion practice course for healthcare professionals who want to communicate in Spanish with their patients

Learn to speak and understand Spanish effortlessly when you communicate with Spanish-speaking patients with a practice course based on one of the most common situations that healthcare professionals experience: The flu.

Enhance your calm and confidence when speaking Spanish to carry out your incredible work as a healthcare professional with Spanish-speaking patients. Forget about theory and focus all your energy on learning with a practical case that it’s going to give you the contents you need so you can truly communicate with your patients.  

You are here because you know that learning Spanish is going to help you to:

  • reduce your stress level when you are dealing with Spanish-speaking patients 
  • offer you more and better professionals possibilities 
  • create a better professional relationship with your patients 
  • overcome the nervousness you get when not understanding what your patients are telling you 
  • avoid dangerous situations that can be lethal for the patient and agonizing for you  

Despite all of this, you don’t know what to do to improve your Spanish and be able to communicate naturally and confidently in Spanish in a medical context.  

I am going to help you to change your situation and learn Medical Spanish to communicate with your patient in the following way:

Immersion course without leaving home:  

You will listen, read and speak Spanish without leaving your country or home. Now you can access an online Medical Spanish immersion course that will help you to speak and understand your patients’ Spanish.

Video lessons: 

You will have access to video lessons in Spanish that will help you to understand your patients and speak naturally about the flu in Spanish.

Practical case: 

You will learn to talk to your patient in one of the most common situations. A step-by-step guide to talk about the flu naturally and with confidence with your patients about the flu.  

Practice exercises:

Test your knowledge with online practice exercises. You will be able to do comprehension as well as expression practices to make sure that you have understood the contents and that you are ready to use them in real life.  

Unlimited queries: 

Ask me all your questions about the course and its contents. I will answer your questions about any aspect to help you do your job and make the communication with your patients easier.  

Who help you to learn Medical Spanish?

Hola. My name’s Sara, Spanish language coach. My job is to help professionals to learn Spanish in order to make their daily life easier and the Spanish language their best ally at work. I help health professionals with Spanish-learning strategic plans to help them communicate naturally and with confidence in the different situations they experience every day. With my online courses and coaching program, we achieve the big challenge that is speaking and understanding Spanish in some months. You might have seen me in some of the following schools: EF Madrid, EF Málaga, Málaga Sí escuela de español, Working Languages.  

This is what you will learn with the online Medical Spanish immersion course:


In this module you will learn to talk about the flu with your patient: questions, phrases and terms you must use when you talk about the flu

  • Understanding your patients when they ask for information about the flu  
  • Giving information to your patients about the flu: what the flu is, how it is spread, etc. 
  • Talking to your patients about their symptoms: -what questions you must use to ask about their symptoms -flu symptoms’ terms -how the patients describe their symptoms -talking about the flu
  • Giving advices to your patients in Spanish about how to prevent the flu 
  • Talking to your patients about who can suffer complications if they get the flu 
  • Talking to your patients about the available treatments to treat the flu and what purpose each treatment has  


In this module you will put into practice everything we have seen in the previous modules with online exercises and other exercises I myself will correct. 

  • Pronunciation practice 
  • Listening practice 
  • Reading practice 
  • Exercise: Put the conversation in the right order 
  • Speaking practice 
  • Speaking Final practice  



Take your free medical Spanish lesson one to one to practice in real time and with a native Spanish teacher everything you've learned in the course. 

1 one to one lesson 

On Skype

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45 minutes