Tips to have Skype Spanish lessons

Learning Spanish with Skype Spanish lessons is a good idea if you like to learn with people rather than with machines as it happens to me.

Taking classes via Skype or any other videoconference program allows you to learn with native teachers from anywhere in the world.

What I am going to share with you in this post are my own experiences as a Skype Spanish lessons teacher and as a foreign language student on Skype.

The magic of the Skype Spanish lessons

Without a doubt, what I like the most about teaching face-to-face lessons with other persons is that I am not interacting with machines.

The process of learning is way more enjoyable because we are chatting; it’s like having an online version of a gathering with a friend.

This doesn’t mean that these lessons are not reliable, organized and structured so the student can achieve his/her goals.

Keep in mind that the Skype Spanish lessons are taken from home, in a café, at the office or wherever you want as long as you have Wi-Fi and this obviously makes you feel way more comfortable learning Spanish.

The learning environment is not the typical one of a class, with a blackboard, tables, chairs… and this directly affects the feeling we get while we learn.

The tutor plays an important part in the Skype Spanish lessons because the teacher-student relationship is way closer than in other types of classes.

The most common thing is that they are 1-1 lessons and this can be appreciated in the learning as well as the teaching process.

How to choose my Spanish tutor

The requirements a Spanish tutor must have is up to you; what you think a tutor must have and, most importantly what this tutor can offer you according to your needs.

Maybe for me it is important the tutor I am going to take my Skype Spanish lessons with has experience in teaching Spanish for specific purposes classes but for you it may be more important he or she has experience in DELE because you want to take the exam.

Despite this, I believe there are some elements that might be common to any person that would like to learn Spanish via Skype with a tutor, which would be the following ones:

  • Making sure your tutor is a professional and can truly help you to learn Spanish via Skype.
  • Being able to have access to materials that can help you to learn Spanish apart from the Skype lessons (ebooks, infographics, exercises, etc.).
  • Making sure this tutor is the right one for you and for what you need.

A good relationship between the Spanish tutor and you cannot be missed as well as empathy and mutual understanding.

You are going to spend many hours learning with that teacher, he or she will be your guide so you need to trust this tutor so that your Skype Spanish lessons are a success and you can achieve your goals with his /her help.

Take me as an example, as a Spanish tutor I always try to empathize with my students, show them how I am so they can feel comfortable when they are learning with me. I always try to motivate them and include them in the big adventure of learning Spanish.

Skype Spanish lessons-Spanish tutor


The price

And now you are probably asking yourself, but Sara, don’t you think the price of the lessons is also an important issue to keep in mind whilst choosing a Skype Spanish tutor?

Well, this is not something I have in mind from the beginning and this is why:

What people are looking for in a Spanish tutor is not the price but a person that can help you learn Spanish according to your goals and needs.

So the lessons’ price is a point to keep in mind depending on your income rather than general criteria.

Imagine you just have 3 months to learn Spanish so you can deal with your clients at work. You find a teacher who charges really cheap but when you start with the Skype Spanish lessons you feel like you are not learning what you should have to be able to communicate in Spanish with your clients.

In this case, what is it more important, the lessons’ price or that the tutor knows and is able to create tailor-made lessons?

Think first about what you need and how that teacher can help you and leave the price for the following step.

Is it better if my Spanish tutor is native?

Oh dear! This is a question I get asked many times. And not only to learn through Skype Spanish lessons but also to learn other languages.

Look, I have to be quite frank with you here and based on my own experience as a foreign language tutor and student I can tell you the following:

When you are a beginner, having a non-native teacher is a very good option: He understands you perfectly, you can communicate with him in your mother tongue without any problem and he has been through the same in some point in his life.

That said, keep in mind that it’s possible this teacher doesn’t have a deep language knowledge, that he might make some mistakes and that he might not know how to answer some of your doubts.

And yes, I have seen how non-native teachers give Spanish classes making grammar, pronunciation… mistakes.

But be careful, this doesn’t mean they can’t help you in your first stage of your learning 😉

When you stop being a beginner the ideal thing is to keep educating yourself with a native tutor.

This will help you to establish contact with a more realistic Spanish and you will feel a greater duty to communicate in Spanish.

Starting with a native teacher from the very beginning is also a good idea. You might feel overwhelmed at first but your progress will be really fast. I can assure you that.

Native Spanish tutor for Skype Spanish lessons

Template to choose your tutor

I know that sometimes it’s frustrating to be constantly searching and comparing over and over again.

I know it’s hard to decide who will be the person that will help you to learn Spanish.

That is why I have designed a template to help you choose which tutor suits your needs and money best. You can download it for free. You just have to give me a like on Facebook. 😊

 [sociallocker id=”7203″]Get your template to choose your Skype Spanish tutor  [/sociallocker]

Other aspects to keep in mind

Apart from what I have been telling you, you have to keep in mind some other important aspects for the Skype Spanish lessons. Here are the ones I consider most important:

  • Flexibility to take the lessons: Tutors who teach through Skype usually adapt to the students’ schedule so you have more freedom to choose a date and time.
  • Spanish level improvement in less time: The individual lessons make your Spanish level improve in record time. Although you also have to keep in mind the number of hours per day/week you dedicate to learn Spanish. The more hours, the more results in a shorter period of time.
  • Very communicative lessons: One-to-one lessons allow you to have more communicative classes where you as a student are the protagonist and you can do 100% real practices and with immediate tutor’s feedback. What else could you ask for? 😉
  • Group classes are less common: If you like to learn in group, you can also do it through Skype Spanish lessons but it’s not very common to find tutors or companies that offer this method. Keep in mind that if they offer this option it’s not usually via Skype but a more powerful virtual class.


What if Internet connection is a problem?

To be honest the problems that may come up are very rare. Some years ago one of the main problems was Internet connection. If this failed or was very slow, bye bye to the class!

Nowadays these problems are very rare. Lines are more stable and the connection is more secure.

Does this mean that the Internet connection will never fail? It is possible that sometime your Internet connection goes down or the line will get cut for maintenance purposes for a few hours.

But in general, the connection is not a problem anymore.

Moreover, the majority of tutors that offer Skype Spanish lessons have action policies in case Internet connection problems happen in a class.


skype spanish lessons

For instance, in my 1-1 program to learn Spanish if a student have Internet connection problems, we cancel the lesson and we reschedule it for another day. No additional costs.

I hope this post about Skype Spanish lessons has helped you. You can share it to help more people and leave your comment with you point of view 😉