• Spanish Language Lover Programm

It is quite clear to you that learning a language spoken by more than 400 million of people can help you achieve the professional future you are looking for.

You want to increase your professional chances and knowing how to communicate in Spanish is a good way of differentiating yourself from the rest.

That is why learning Spanish has become an important goal in your life. You want to achieve an advanced Spanish level to communicate fluently, naturally and with confidence in any situation you might find yourself in now and in the future.

You want to be able to have a fluent conversation with a native person or at least, understand what others are saying when they speak Spanish and make them understand you at a level that meets your expectations.

Spanish is the key that will help you get the life you want

I know that now it seems like an impossible mission to reach that fluency in Spanish and it is likely you identify with one of the following situations:

You are starting to practice Spanish but you don't know the perfect way.

You feel lost.

You have already learned vocabulary and grammar but you don’t know how to apply them in real conversations.

You lack confidence and practice.

You have an intermediate Spanish level but you’ve reached a point where you feel like you don’t make progress.

You are stuck and need to continue improving.

You have a pretty good level but you would like to get better at it to make Spanish your profession.

You need to specialize.


You don’t need to be studying grammar for 3 years to learn Spanish but a method that allows you to make progress and know the contents needed to be able to communicate in the situations you are going to find.

It is precisely for that reason that I have created the Spanish Language Lovers program. A program for those who want to communicate fluently and with confidence in Spanish in a short period of time so they can differentiate themselves and work as what they have always dreamed.

No excuses. With determination, motivation and confidence.

Everything you can achieve with this practice training

You will be able to understand native Spanish speakers when they speak

You will learn the different Spanish varieties and what makes them unique

You will get to know the culture of the different countries and how this affects communication

You will improve your pronunciation so that you can communicate and make people understand you

You will be able to hold  fluent conversations in Spanish on any topic

You will develop self-confidence in order to communicate with confidence in any situation

You will know what to say and how to speak in Spanish in the different situations you might find yourself in

That’s me, Sara. Online Spanish Language Coach, I’m a passionate about languages who is happy to help people like you to learn Spanish to communicate in the situations they need and prepare them for the future they are looking for.

I won’t bore you telling you that I am a graduate in Translation with a Specialized Translation MA or that I have ELE (Spanish as a foreign language) specialized courses… I just want to tell you that I have been guiding large companies’ managers, diplomats, professionals and students for more than three years so that they can communicate in Spanish in situations they live every day.

When you finish the program you will have accomplished

A level in Spanish that will allow you to communicate in real situations

Spanish fluency improvements

Natural communication in situations you need

Self-confidence to speak in Spanish

The fact of being understood and understand native Spanish speakers when speaking in Spanish

Spanish skills improvements

Conversational Spanish improvements