• Learn Spanish and enhance your professional career


You know that learning a language spoken by more than 400 million of people around the world could be a turning point for your professional life and your business.

The Spanish language can help you get new sales, boost your professional life and increase your monthly income.

With Spanish, you can make your business and services reach people and other companies from more than 20 countries.

And it is completely understandable that you don’t want to miss this opportunity, that would be crazy!

Spanish can be the key that will allow you to grow professionally and increase your income.

You are probably considering learning or improving your Spanish for any of these reasons:

You are a professional and you would like to boost your career. You know you are good at what you offer so you want to help more people with your product or service. What better market than the Spanish-speaking one?

You already have clients who speak Spanish in your business, but you cannot offer them the attention you would like to because you cannot communicate with confidence and fluency in Spanish. You want your clients to trust you, make them feel at home and build loyalty to differentiate from the competition.

Spanish is a basic pillar in your business. You will only be able to promote and make it to the top of your business if you can communicate in Spanish naturally and with fluency. You want to be a leader and Spanish can make you achieve this.

You are a company manager and need to seal new agreements and build strategic partnerships with other Spanish-speaking countries companies. If you are able to communicate in Spanish, you provide credibility to your business, greater confidence in the negotiation process and you will increase the possibilities of reaching a beneficial agreement for your company.

It is normal that you feel overwhelmed, hesitant and paralyzed because despite being sure about what you want, you don’t know where to start nor which method to follow to learn Spanish quicker and in a way that allows you to really communicate in Spanish.

You are tired of searching for courses and classes everywhere that assure you will learn Spanish in the time you need to be able to communicate with real confidence and fluency.

I know how you feel. Learning a language to grow professionally is not something you take lightly.

That is why I’ve created I’m the Boss. A program to help professionals to enhance your professional life and thus increase your income. A program that teaches you to communicate naturally, with fluency and confidence in the business world. So Spanish turns out to be one of the keys to your success and not an obstacle.

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I’m Sara, Online Spanish Language Coach and I want to help you get to communicate fluently and confidently in Spanish so you can go a long way and make more money in your job. Together we will make Spanish the best ally of your professional life.

I put this program at your disposal with all my mother tongue teaching knowledge and experience as a Spanish teacher for non-Spanish speaking managers and diplomats so you can get to communicate in Spanish confidently and naturally in the situations you need.

Everything you will achieve with the I’m the Boss program:

You will feel more comfortable speaking Spanish

You will speak Spanish with more confidence in meetings, presentations and in other business situations

You will be able to understand and have fluent phone conversations in Spanish

You will be able to write and reply to emails in Spanish

You will be able to attract, convert and retain customers in Spanish

You will develop the needed confidence to communicate successfully in any business situation

You will improve your communication skills in Spanish to speak naturally and fluently

You will learn to master the language to communicate in business situations as a real native Spanish speaker

You will know the specialized vocabulary of your area in Spanish

You will know which and how to use the linguistic terms and mechanisms that will allow you to negotiate and seal agreements and sales successfully in Spanish

Get the Spanish language to give you the best professional opportunities of your life and turn it into your best colleague.

What does the I’m the Boss program include?

This course is created for you with one to one sessions and a tailor-made study plan to meet your needs and situation.

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With this program you will learn with a study plan made for you and you won’t be alone. I will be your partner and I will always be there to help and guide you throughout your learning process.

I will clarify every question and will solve all your doubts so you can learn Spanish and grow professionally.

Your success is my success

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In this session we will talk about your situation and your Spanish; what you need to improve and get to communicate with confidence to advance professionally and grow your business.