• Turn Spanish into your best traveling companion and make the most of the experience


If you are here it’s because you know you need to improve your Spanish to make the most of your trip in a Spanish-speaking country.

You are going to spend some time in a country and you are sure about wanting to improve your Spanish to make the most of the experience without the language barrier.

You don’t feel like worrying every time you speak out. You would like to have the confidence needed to use the language the best you can in any situation you might find yourself in.

That’s no surprise. Adapting to a new country with another culture is stressful enough to add having no knowledge of the language.

Knowing Spanish can make a difference between having a trip full of unforgettable experiences or a trip full of experiences still waiting for you

You will probably find yourself in any of these situations:

You go to Spain on vacation and it’s not your first time, but you barely speak any Spanish.


You feel overwhelmed by being in a country without being able to communicate with other people in daily life situations so you would like to change this as soon as possible.

You are going to travel to a Spanish-speaking country to work for a short period of time but your Spanish level doesn’t allow you to have fluent conversations neither in daily life situations nor in work situations.


You feel stressed just thinking about it.

You’ve been in the country for a while but your communication skills are limited:You have some knowledge of grammar and the most basic sentences, but you cannot communicate in daily life situations.


Frustration and lack of self-confidence invade you.

You can’t let Spanish get in the way of your most unforgettable experience of your life

It’s time to stand up

Learning Spanish to travel gives you the chance of feeling just like all the rest, being comfortable and living more realistically the experiences the country offers you.

Excitement and moments you won’t experience the same way if you can’t communicate in Spanish.

That is why I’ve created Happy Trip, a program to help people who are going to travel and spend some time in a Spanish-speaking country.

A program that helps you to communicate in Spanish with confidence and assurance in situations you will find in your stay.

So that you can feel more comfortable and  have no worries about the language. Just focus on enjoying the moments and the experience.

spanish tutor

I’m Sara, online Spanish teacher and I’m here to help you communicate in Spanish with the enough confidence in each of the situations you could find yourself in during your stay in a Spanish-speaking country. I want to make your stay easier, more comfortable so you can have a memorable trip.

Happy Trip gives you the keys needed to communicate in real life situations and with people during your trip.

You will learn to interact with the locals in typical traveling situations

You will understand what you’ve been told in Spanish in daily life situations and answer them confidently

You will know how to communicate and how to do it in the most important situations you might find in the country

You will know the most important cultural aspects from the country you will be traveling to

You will develop self-confidence to communicate with more confidence in what you say and how you say it

Pronunciation and intonation will be improved so that you can communicate effectively

How much do you value calm and security during your trip knowing you can make good use of the Spanish language in any situation  in a different country?

With this course I provide all my Spanish teaching knowledge, everything I know about my mother tongue and my experience designing study plans and creating adapted materials to my students’ needs so they can achieve what they need. You will enjoy and feel proud of the progress you will make from the start.


What does Happy Trip include?

This program is created for you with one to one sessions and a tailor-made study plan to meet your needs and situation

In this program you won’t be alone. I will be your colleague and I will always be there to help and guide you throughout your learning process.

I will clarify every question and will solve all your doubts so you can learn Spanish and have your dream trip.

Shedule your free session

Write to me and book your free session so I can start helping you to learn Spanish.

In this session we will talk about your situation and your Spanish; what you need to improve and get to communicate confidently to make your next trip to a Spanish-speaking country.