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Hi there! My name is Sara and I’m a Spanish Language Coach. I help people who want to learn Spanish to communicate with confidence and fluency in my mother tongue in the context they need through human, close and effective language coaching programms.

My methodology has different stages:

1.Analyzing what your situation, goals and needs are.

2.Creating a study program to help you achieve what you need

3.Setting clear and specific goals that help you to make progress and to always be motivated

4.Providing all the material you need to learn Spanish

5.Practicing in 1-1 sessions with a native speaker so that you can be in contact with a real Spanish

6.Walking with you throughout the whole process to support and guide you

If you are determined to learn Spanish, you are 100% committed and want to do it with a Spanish tutor that will guide and support you, I can help you to learn Spanish.

Look at my Spanish Language Coaching programms.

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A little bit about my personal life

I was born in Málaga. My mom never liked to name their children as her parents or as children traditionally had been named in the family so she decided to call me Sara. Since I have been little I have loved dancing and that’s why I took flamenco lessons until I turned fourteen. I danced at the same time that I saw how my mom taught classes to children at school and that awakened my desire to help others through teaching. I have always lived in Málaga although I’ve travelled a lot with my family: Switzerland, France, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, etc. but it was in my last year at university when I decided to travel the world on my own to study the languages I thought back then were going to be my working languages in depth.

I spent several weeks in Rome where I met wonderful people and I had an unforgettable experience. I could put into practice everything I had learned at university and see for myself how life in Italy was. I also took that opportunity to learn how teachers at the school I was in taught their classes: their method, their explanations and their capacity to connect with their students.

After my stay in Rome, I went back to Málaga to finish my studies. Right after this I started one of the most rewarding experiences of my life: my stay in Caen, France. There, I was surrounded by people of different cultures who spoke different languages and everyone could communicate to each other in French!

Before going back home for good to focus on what I like the most, I lived in London where I found out how life in London was and at the same time, I improved my English.

After all of these experiences, I came back to Spain but I moved to Madrid with my best friend and partner. Here, I started my professional path as freelancer and as a salaried employee of a French multinational where I learned a lot about the business world.

A little bit about my career

I graduated with a degree in Translation and have a MA in Specialized Translation (legal and economic translation). From the moment I started my studies until I decided to travel and study in foreign countries, I have balanced study and work. Besides, I have done specialized courses at university and private schools. One of these courses is the specialized course of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language in one of the ELE schools in Málaga. Not only did I learn in this school but also I had my first experience as a teacher. Regarding new technologies and online teaching, I have learned everything I know in an autodidactic way and introducing it in my teaching experience with really good results.

I started tutoring children that needed my help with their homework. Parents were very happy with me because their children improved their marks a lot. This encouraged me to work as a full-time teacher and that’s why I decided to start teaching language lessons as a freelance specializing in Spanish as a foreign language lessons and specifically, in Spanish lessons online.In the ELE teaching field, I’ve worked with many individuals that wanted to learn or improve their Spanish. I helped them via online and the results have been excellent. I have also learned a lot: thanks to them I know what the real problems are when people learn Spanish and which are their fears and motivations. I have also worked as a Spanish teacher at EF both in Málaga and Madrid and my experience goes from teaching Spanish to young people to teaching executives of big companies. One of the last persons that have put their trust in me to learn Spanish comes from the international diplomacy for whom I have designed a study plan totally personalized and adapted to his needs.

Here's how I can help you to learn Spanish

Strategic programms to improve your fluencly and confidence

Spanish Language Coaching

Spanish Language Coaching programms for professionals to achieve communicate in Spanish confidently in 10 months.

Fluency Spanish Training

Spanish language training for professionals who wants to improve their conversational Spanish with flexible one to one sessions.